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We have created a fully interactive tool for making group travel easier than ever. Invite your friends to the trip. Discuss in our chat and collaborate to shape your travel in real time.

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Discover the most interesting corners, keep the best ideas and give form to the itinerary.

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Travel on group! Invite your friends to the trip, you can chat and create together in real time.

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Troovel is a powerful web application that can also be used in your mobile browser.
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Troovel is located at forefront of R+D tourist. Our recommendations are the result of a research project in collaboration with the Technical University of Valencia. As you explore our content, choose destinations or indicate us those you love, the artificial intelligence learn your preferences to recommend the best places for you.
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Troovel feeds on its own guides, various external sources (TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap ...), from the experiences of other travelers and the local information to always provide the most comprehensive and updated information. We grow and improve every day thanks to people like you.